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SMALL things with BIG ideas




'An eXhibition of SMALL things with BIG ideas'
2 Dec - 27 Jan 2024
Opening: 1 Dec 5:30 - 9 pm


Greatness can be found in smallness and variations in scale can signify symbolic transformations. 'An eXhibition of SMALL things with BIG ideas' exploits the potential of small scale objects to carry big thoughts that surprise, provoke, hold our attention and make intimate relations to viewers. We are inviting a selected group of contemporary artists working in all media. 
Curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Yuki Miykae

Abi Freckleton, Adam Dix, Broughton & Birnie, Alice Herrick, Caroline Jane Harris, Charley Peters, Cavadonga Valdes, Claudia Carr, Carali McCall, Daniel Rey, Danny Rolph, David Blamey, Dien Berziga, DJ Roberts, Dominic Beattie, Elena Gileva, Enrico Isamu Oyama, Fabio Almeida, Henrietta MacPhee, Hester Finch, Hugh Mendes, Inagaki, Januario Jano, Jost Münster, Julie Cockburn, Juliette Losq, Jyll Bradley, Katrina Blannin, Lana Locke, Laurence Noga, Leonor Antunes, Lisa Pettibone, Marcelle Hanselaar, Marguerite Horner, Miroslav Pomichal, Nao Matsunaga, Nina Gonzalez-Park, Rachel Whiteread, Risa Ueno, Robyn Litchfield, Sarah Pager, Silvia Lerin, Sophie Smallhorn, Susie Hamilton, Toshimasa Kikuchi, Virginia Verran, Wiebke Leister, Yukako Tanaka




1 White Conduit Street Islington London N1 9EL
+44 (0)775 448 6068

23 Triennale Ulmer Kunst


23rd Triennial ULMER KUNST, which will open on Friday, 30 June 2023, 7 pm 

@ Kunsthalle Weishaupt, 

Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl-Platz 1, 89073 Ulm.


1. JULY 2023—12. NOVEMBER 2023

23 Triennale Ulmer Kunst


Museum Ulm @ kunsthalle weishaupt


“Vorsicht Umbau!” (“Caution rebuild!”) aims to open up scope for creative imagination, to inspire the testing of new forms of expression and to awaken the desire for artistic experimentation.


The following artists were selected with their works:

Franziska Agrawal I Rudolf Arnold I Pancho Ballweg I Gerhard Braun I Kathrin Braunmiller I Julia Doll I Udo Eberl I Melanie Fitzner I Christian Greifendorf I Esther Hagenmaier I Birte Horn I Rudolf Kübler I Christine Liebich I Jost Münster I Patrick Nicolas I Mirjam Pajakowski I Gerda Raichle I Marc Reiner I Heike Sauer I Reiner Schlecker I Elke Schweigart I Stefanie Siering I Christine Söffing I Thomas Witzke


Blinky Corners

Champs Noir

Within Touching Distance





Climbing the Underside of the Ladder

Durden and Ray

Los Angeles. 1206 Maple Ave. Suite 832, LA 90015


Climbing the Underside of the Ladder 


(41 years after A New Spirit in Painting)

Curated by EC, Jenny Hager, David Leapman and Christine Stark 


October 15th until November 5th 

Opening Reception October 15th 7-10 pm


From London’s Music Machine to Durden and Ray LA 2022.


Climbing the Underside of the Ladder brings together 10 UK and 5 LA painters 41 years after the seminal British exhibition “A New Spirit in Painting”. 


Beginning with personal experiences of both the London Punk scene in 1976/7 and the 1981 Royal Academy exhibition A New Spirit in Painting, painters EC, Jenny Hagar, David Leapman, and Christine Stark, look at where contemporary painting is now, four decades later. For “Climbing the Underside of the Ladder” Durden and Ray invited 10 established UK and 5 LA painters to engage and debate the changes in contemporary painting since 1981.

As expressed in Peter Suchin’s accompanying essay, the New Spirit and Punk, true to their nature have not remained on a linear path:


“The regional and international interconnectivity of artists today, whether through physical exhibitions or digital reproductions is more heightened than ever before: a shimmering panorama, weave or tissue, a cloud, community, forcefield, synthesis, distillation, contradiction or concatenation of potential combinations. So, this is no New Spirit but something else again”



Matthew Collings

Mikey Cuddihy

Jeffrey Dennis

Annabel Dover

Jenny Hager

David Leapman

Nick Lowe

Jost Münster

Selma Parlour

Max Presneill

Rob and Roberta Smith

Christine Stark

Peter Suchin

Alexandra Wiesenfeld


Can you describe your work in three words?


Surface, perception, abstraction


What got you into the arts? How did you become an artist?


I grew up in a household where art and culture were regularly discussed, stimulating my interest in fine art. I became engaged with the idea of doing my work around the age of fifteen. My mother took me to visit an artist-friend who had a professional studio in her house. While they made conversation, I was allowed to try out some ideas using pastels, and something clicked at that moment. I enjoyed the process and the whole idea of being in the studio, in a creative space to think. After that, I couldn’t stop drawing and thinking about how l could do my work.



What drew you to painting more specifically? 


When l was a student at the ABK Stuttgart, I travelled to as many public galleries and museums as possible while preparing for my art history exam. I needed to see the works I had been studying academically, and realise my response to them in the flesh. There was no internet then, and the books in the library often had only black and white image reproductions, so looking at these paintings in context and seeing the detail of their surfaces and colours was when I fell in love with the medium. Through this experience, l found a lively sense of the physicality of paint and gesture. 


What is the process behind your work? 


My approach to doing work is experimental and performative. Although I use self-imposed systems to construct my artworks, to achieve texture, colour, luminosity, translucence and depth, the form of painting is constantly open to questions: the choice of materials; size and shape of brushes; support structure and scale are among the crucial ingredients that determine the outcomes. I think about painting strategies a lot, but I pay close attention to the incidents in the process because these lead to discoveries and ideas. Drawings and colour tests on paper are often the first steps to understanding conceptual or structural possibilities that may inform a series of works. My work is also informed by the environment, structures and patterns that can be photographed and brought into the working context. 


What are the things that inspire you most? 


My work derives from finding pleasure in patterns and visual languages of the everyday, ever-changing, built environment. I work with a wide range of sources but feel excited by how they can be brought together in the studio as a rich source of imaginative reference


What do you hope to convey through your art? 


My artistic language lies in painting, a medium that fascinates me as a practice that isn’t bound to one specific discipline. It can capture, reveal and activate temporalities existing in its experience. I hope to surprise the viewer make them self-aware of their place in our time and history - painting has got that ability.


Who are the artists that have inspired you most?


Tricky to pin down as I love a lot of art, but there have been several artists’ works that have touched me quite profoundly: the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, Piero della Francesca, Joseph Albers, Blinky Palermo, Christopher Wool, Günther Förg, Frank Stella’s book: Working Space, Mary Heilmann, Wim Vandekeybus Jim Jarmusch, and Juhani Pallasmaa.


Do you collect art from other artists? How important is it for you to live with art?


I have a fair number of artworks collected over the years. Some bought, some swapped with artist friends. It’s a joy looking at them every day, sometimes rehanging them and discovering them in a new configuration and light.


Any projects in the pipeline? 


My most important project at the moment is finishing a commission of 40 paintings for the Museum Ulm in Germany. This will form part of a solo show, which also includes a new series of new works  that I have been developing alongside the commission. 


(Interview: April 2022)








Exhibition from 17th of March - 1st of April 2022


Richard J. Butler / William Cobbing / Sarah Lederman / Paulina Michnowska / Jost Münster / William Stein / Ian Whittlesea/ Aethan Wills / Salomé Wu/ Marianne Thoermer


Alvar Aalto / Märta Määs-Fjetterström / Poul Henningsen / Otto Schulz / Greta Skogster-Lehtinen/ Mauri Almar / Sandra Davolio / Bruno Mathsson / HansWegner / Finn Juhl 

represented by @modernitystockholm