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Climbing the Underside of the Ladder

Durden and Ray

Los Angeles. 1206 Maple Ave. Suite 832, LA 90015


Climbing the Underside of the Ladder 


(41 years after A New Spirit in Painting)

Curated by EC, Jenny Hager, David Leapman and Christine Stark 


October 15th until November 5th 

Opening Reception October 15th 7-10 pm


From London’s Music Machine to Durden and Ray LA 2022.


Climbing the Underside of the Ladder brings together 10 UK and 5 LA painters 41 years after the seminal British exhibition “A New Spirit in Painting”. 


Beginning with personal experiences of both the London Punk scene in 1976/7 and the 1981 Royal Academy exhibition A New Spirit in Painting, painters EC, Jenny Hagar, David Leapman, and Christine Stark, look at where contemporary painting is now, four decades later. For “Climbing the Underside of the Ladder” Durden and Ray invited 10 established UK and 5 LA painters to engage and debate the changes in contemporary painting since 1981.

As expressed in Peter Suchin’s accompanying essay, the New Spirit and Punk, true to their nature have not remained on a linear path:


“The regional and international interconnectivity of artists today, whether through physical exhibitions or digital reproductions is more heightened than ever before: a shimmering panorama, weave or tissue, a cloud, community, forcefield, synthesis, distillation, contradiction or concatenation of potential combinations. So, this is no New Spirit but something else again”



Matthew Collings

Mikey Cuddihy

Jeffrey Dennis

Annabel Dover

Jenny Hager

David Leapman

Nick Lowe

Jost Münster

Selma Parlour

Max Presneill

Rob and Roberta Smith

Christine Stark

Peter Suchin

Alexandra Wiesenfeld



Exhibition from 17th of March - 1st of April 2022


Richard J. Butler / William Cobbing / Sarah Lederman / Paulina Michnowska / Jost Münster / William Stein / Ian Whittlesea/ Aethan Wills / Salomé Wu/ Marianne Thoermer


Alvar Aalto / Märta Määs-Fjetterström / Poul Henningsen / Otto Schulz / Greta Skogster-Lehtinen/ Mauri Almar / Sandra Davolio / Bruno Mathsson / HansWegner / Finn Juhl 

represented by @modernitystockholm